+ Mental Health

Here at The Beehive we use the secrets of honeybees for building and sustaining a thriving mental health community. These highly sought-after sessions are led by the esteemed and accomplished "Mindset Midwife" Rashaunda Lugrand, whose wealth of knowledge and experience in the fields of neurolinguistics, family planning, reproductive education, and behavioral health is unparalleled.

Whether you choose a one-on-one consultation or opt for a dynamic group session, you'll have the unique opportunity to tap into Rashaunda's expertise, backed by her passion for mental health and family planning. 

The depth of insight and guidance you'll receive in these sessions is unmatched, equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills to not only sustain but also significantly grow your mindset as an individual. Our primary goal is to empower individuals like to you to make a profound and positive impact on your community. Through these sessions, you'll gain the tools needed to navigate the intricate world of family planning, gaining insights that extend far beyond textbook knowledge. We believe in fostering a sense of purpose, and through our sessions, you'll learn how to serve your own needs without guilt, have compassion for your community, skills to confront triggers, and the unwavering dedication to show up as your AUTHENTIC self. Don't let this unique opportunity pass you by; schedule a consultation with us today and set off on a path towards a successful and fulfilling journey in the realm of reproductive well-being, behavioral health, and wellness.

$75.00 per hour

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