Our mission at Beehive Birth is to help you have a healthy pregnancy, a safe and natural childbirth, and a sustainable family growth plan. We believe in educational-based practice that focuses not just on preventing pregnancy, but also on addressing the health of mom, baby, and family. Our cutting-edge coaching techniques will help you enjoy your transformation as a new parent. Women and families are lucky to have one of the top Natural Family Planning experts in the coaching and consulting industry at Beehive Birth Consulting ~ Holistic Family Planning Center headquartered at 7901 NE 10th St. Midwest City, Suite B-101.

From our home-like waiting room to our peaceful service area, our dedicated lactation station, and the classroom for education and group coaching programs, community members feel a sense of confidence and liberation that comes from knowing they are in the right place. The services we provide are focused on preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, parenting + mental health education to aid in the reduction of perinatal mood disorder and depression. Beehive Birth Consulting is owned and operated by RaShaunda Lugrand the Mindset Midwife. Before you are eligible for enrollment in our program, you must APPLY to determine if you are a good fit for our program.

Through LIVE community classes, workshops, and events, RaShaunda and her team deliver holistic family planning coaching and consulting services in an online and offline environment for teens, women, and families. We invite you to APPLY to see if you are eligible to join the MEMBERS ONLY coaching platform to savor the SWEETNESS and get 20% off of all support services that will help improve your reproductive well-being!

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