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Beehive Birth Consulting is owned by RaShaunda Lugrand ~ Holistic Family Planning Coach and Consultant. Her mission at Beehive Birth Consulting is to help women, teens, and girls establish healthy reproductive habits by offering effective and sustainable contraceptive methods. She is an approved SoonerPlan and SoonerCare Provider, meaning her Doula and holistic contraceptive care services are covered by Medicaid. Her knowledge of nature-based childbirth and contraceptive care is not just about preventing pregnancy but also about addressing the preservation of overall reproductive well-being through postpartum recovery. RaShaunda’s cutting-edge coaching techniques are transformational for all. The childbearing community is lucky to have one of the top Natural Family Planning experts in the coaching and consulting industry at Beehive Birth Consulting ~ Holistic Family Planning Center headquartered at 7901 NE 10th St. Midwest City, Suite B-101. Find Your SWEET Spot when you book an individual or group session TODAY.

Ask about our insurance options for SoonerPlan and SoonerCare eligible members.



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