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Standard CycleBeads

Are you looking for an all-around ovulation tracking tool for yourself, your young daughter, or teenager? Our carefully made Standard CycleBeads are just one way that Beehive Birth Consulting can help you track your monthy moon cycle in the most ecological way. You can use this "one-time" non-prescription purchase to start planning your family or educating your children in a simple and confident way. This service is unique because it comes with a live virtual consultation that can be done through apps like Zoom or Google Meet. 

For a small extra fee, you can also arrange a private consultation in the office. This gives you the chance to have a more personal experience. After you make this important purchase, one of our experienced consultants will get in touch with you to make sure that your consultation is planned in a way that works best for you. In your message to us, please let us know if you'd like to have a video or in-person meeting. For all of your family planning needs, we're excited to give you the tools you need to make decisions that are in line with your values and goals.


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