About The Beehive

The Beehive Birth Consulting – BBC is an innovative approach to Holistic Childbirth Education and Holistic Family Planning through The InTune Mother Society, a 501(c)3 Charitable Health Organization. BBC consists of a diverse group of multi-certified Perinatal Wellness Coaches and Consultants with a goal to help Mamas and families get a taste of the SWEET Life — from the Creating, Strategizing, and Managing their own perinatal outcomes.


At the Beehive, our birth-workers are focused on encouraging expectant consumers to BEE SMART in the signature Holistic Childbirth Education Series The BOSS Method.™ Offering women and families step by step strategic planning tools to Birth Like A BOSS!

RaShaunda has developed a unique system of care that offers a transformational experience for women in various stages of preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting. Although they provide a service for every part of the perinatal period, the team is focused on the sacredness of the 40-Day postpartum period. Together they believe that this is the most critical time for women on the path to motherhood.


Birth is a time where mothers and families can take their time and CREATE space to accept the Rite of Passage our system of care provides.

Birth is a time for remembering the ancient art of lying-in, which is a STRATEGIC and transitional period of interconnectedness for mother, baby, father, and family.

Birth is a time where the mother is being gently cared for to access and MANAGE healing downloads from within her own forces, nourishing foods, and plant allies.

The birth environment is very important for her to adjust to her new baby and create rewarding experiences. All this depends upon her support networks ability to build her a sweet, well connected, and thriving HIVE.

Lastly, not only is this good for mother and baby, yet this is a great example for other mothers to learn from and understand the benefits of reconnecting to their inner Bee Goddess.


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