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Before you begin this form, we are requesting this for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have a medical problem, please make an appointment with a medical professional or your health care provider. RaShaunda is the owner and operator of Beehive Birth Consulting and she is a Licensed Holistic Family Planning Coach. She uses a unique system that is focused on providing holistic contraceptive care to the childbearing community. Her program offers a transformational experience for individuals in various stages of their reproductive journey to improve their fertility awareness through the Standard Days Method (SDM). RaShaunda uses this method to embody the essence of Bio-Cultural Anthropology, Behavioral Health, and Reproductive Wellness through a term she has coined called “Reproductive Consciousness.” She acknowledges that this is the most critical time in reproductive history and that the well-being of women, teens, and girls is vital to our future human ecosystem. RaShaunda’s step-by-step Holistic Family Planning Coaching is a strategic TEK-based solution to help you Find Your Sweet Spot by investing in individual or group coaching sessions.

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Services offered to individuals under the age of 18 would require the support of a parent or caregiver before providing access to our holistic method.

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RaShaunda Lugrand, Owner/Operator
Licensed Holistic Family Planning Coach

Approved Sooner Plan Provider

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Book Now To Find Your Reproductive SWEET Spot


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