BBC Holistic Contraceptive Options

Get A “SWEET SPOT” Toolkit: (contains an initial consultation, SWEET Spot one sheet, your choice of Standard or Deluxe CycleBeads, (1) follow-up session & link to download my upcoming monthly podcast “The Trillion Dollar Sweet Spot” right to your phone). This offer is for individuals who want to learn how to track their monthly cycles and become more connected to their SWEET Spot for overall reproductive well-being, plan for pregnancy, or protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

As a part of our SWEET Spot initiative, we will provide you with a foundational consultation and your pick of Standard or Delux CycleBeads, which is mailed directly to your home (shipping costs included). RaShaunda is a Certified CycleBeads Consultant who is committed to keeping the childbearing community safe and “educated.” There is no age requirement and no harmful side effects to using this product. So, it is perfect for young girls just starting their period to learn about their own reproductive cycle.





Request a consultation to Find Your SWEET Spot and see if CycleBead Technology is right for you! Click here to fill out our intake form.

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