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Our signature support for pregnant members is our 6-Part Ecological Childbirth Education Series - The (BOSS) Method (Birth Coutcome Success Strategy). This program is an all-encompassing journey that goes beyond standard childbirth education. It is traditionally designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge and ecological skills in the realms of family planning, reproductive health, and natural childbirth.

Our Ecological Childbirth Education Series is a transformative voyage that will empower you to become a well-informed advocate for your own childbirth experience. The series is designed to enrich your understanding of pregnant body, birthing environments, postpartum recovery, and family planning choices, offering insight into the myriad of information that not only positively impacts your own birth outcome, but the ever-evolving industry of family planning.

We believe in empowering teens, women, and families with the TEK (Traditional Ecologicsl Knowledge) and tools necessary to make informed decisions for a well-prepared pregnancy and childbirth and also able to navigate the complex world of maternal and child health.


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