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Experience the time-honored tradition of African babywearing with Beehive Birth Consulting's IssaWrap Class. This unique class is your passport to an ancient practice that seamlessly blends the traditional skill of wrapping and carrying your baby with a profound connection to a rich and vibrant cultural heritage.

By embarking on this class, you'll not only gain a distinctive and nurturing way to bond with your baby but also become an integral part of a tradition that transcends generations. African babywearing is a timeless practice that goes beyond the practical; it's a cultural inheritance that carries with it a deep connection to the past while embracing the future.

By joining us on this journey, you're not only enhancing your parenting skills but also becoming part of a legacy that has enriched the lives of countless families throughout history. Embrace the numerous benefits of this timeless practice and make it a cherished and indispensable part of your parenting journey.

$175.00 per session

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