Save The Bees Save Humanity

Our Sustainability Plan

  • Why Perinatal Pollination: Pollination is a very important part of the life cycle of plants, insects, birds, and humans. In order for us to be sustained as a human community, we need plants to make seeds and reproduce, just like us.


  • As a mission to increase nature-based perinatal support awareness in various communities. Within the Beehive, founder RaShaunda Lugrand, offers online and offline programs to a local and national audience, through live events and web presence.


  • Her goal is to maintain a continuously updated website and continue to work with marketplace collaborators to help strengthen the valuation of community-centered perinatal wellness with special emphasis on the postpartum period.


We Grow Humans: One Sweet Family At A Time


It is my goal as a future Anthropologist, wife, mother, consumer, and care provider to grow my consulting service into a thriving, self-sustained community. In conclusion, I believe that sticking to my core principles, values, and the uniqueness of my service model, I will do great work. I AM authentic in my approach, well equipped with expertise and resourceful enough to make this innovative vision produce a nourishing SWEET Life for those open to my unique brand of perinatal care. We are a program of The InTune Mother Society a 501 3c Charitable Health Organization. We accept donations and contributions to help us continue to pollinate our programs. 

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