No Milk Wasted

No Milk Wasted is a fun, thematic, low-cost breastfeeding support circle for all Mamas and soon-to-be parents. Our mission is to build communal support to initiate breastfeeding and the duration of breastfeeding in a SUSTAINABLE way! 

Join our monthy VIRTUAL breastfeeding circle for cultural, sexy, and cool thematic the topics and support. There are no concerns or experiences that are too difficult to address. Pregnant Mamas can attend too. This is a great way to meet other Mamas and listen to the shared stories, and learn first hand information that can help you through your breastfeeding journey. This way, you are well prepared for what to expect before your baby arrives Earthside! 

In our 90 min “sharing circles” we will discuss the many benefits of breastfeeding, while identifying with the old and new cultural values. This circle offers are fresh and non-judgemental ways to sustain yourself on your breastfeeding journey, while avoiding common obstacles, and gives you the opportunity to build relationships with other breastfeeding families. So bring an open mind and your breastfeeding baby! 

In our VIRTUAL sharing circles we will be held in our private FB group in a dedicated community room.


The No Milk Wasted sustainable breastfeeding circle is ONLY held for those who are a part of our Mama Bees ~ Honeycomb Hideout FB Group so request to join when you use the link above.

After requesting to joining, you will get access to the group. The information about our circle dates and times will be in the events tab.

Registration opens Saturday November 11th, 2022.

This project is supported by The InTune Mother Society and HealthConnect One.

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