Beehive Birth Consulting created a space for Teens, Women, and Families to care for themselves and each other in a sustainable way inside the Honeycomb Hideout. Get and give support up close through Sustainable innovation from all of Beehive Birth Consulting family through our Membership Community.

Why Memberships?

The idea of creating a membership platform for our Holistic Family Planning Center was a call to create agency and design services with a straight forward approach to the reclamation of the Black childbearing body. Our ambassadors are invested in co-creating spaces that connect us through the spirit of all life that is seeded, born, growing, and matured. These are sacred places that every childbearing family deserves access to.

There is power in the ecological practices that go on inside of a Beehive. The Bees are constantly working,  building out Honeycomb to store up precious Honey and Royal Jelly to support the Queen Bee, The Mother, The Bee Goddess–

Each worker or nurse bee is graceful, compassionate, and thoughtful in her inspiration to serve the colony. In a culture where social isolation and the new cyberspace social class are being normalized we are focused on building the capacity to support the mental and emotional well-being of our youth as they are coming into Womanhood through collective care practices that values Sisterhood, Motherhood, and as a sacred Rite of Passage of Parenthood.

Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting + Mental Health is our 4P+ Method to provide you with the tools to align with #ReproductiveConsciousness.

Beehive Birth Consulting is a heart-centered concept of the founders’ own birth experiences, her many observations, education as a Bio-Cultural Anthropologist, and expertise in learning through the primal continuum of human development – that childbearing families need to be fully supported in an intentional and SWEET way.

The Honeycomb Hideout was founded by a home birthing/homeschooling mama of four boys and a furry girl dog named Boots. She and her husband Mel (which means Honey) have been married for 15 years and have been Beekeeping for the past two years. Together they created a Social Change model for the childbearing family seeking Holistic Family Planning options. Beehive Birth Consulting uses the Honeycomb Hideout to provide social exercises and membership benefits specifically designed to encourage Teens, Women, Mamas, and their partners to find their voice, articulate their needs, and define THEIR own version of reproductive well-being.

The Honeycomb Hideout is an affordable LIVING ecosystem of, culturally curated, and spiritually rooted care to fit the needs of reproductive wellness education for teens, women, Mamas, and their families. Whether you are planning or preventing pregnancy, already pregnant, currently breastfeeding, or transitioning into the wonder years of parenting, we are sure that there are other families who can relate to your story.

Because you deserve to experience the SWEET life… We are always looking for ways to help our members THRIVE.

We always a get and give, culturally aligned with the mindset to support Healing Justice and Anti-Racism through our MEMBERSHIP. We invite you to participate in the upliftment of our SWEET place for Teens, Women, and Mama Bees like you to experience the power of planting seeds of Reproductive Consciousness®️ that will grow and mature in a safe environment.

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