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RaShaunda Lugrand, Founder/CEO of Beehive Birth Consulting developed a unique system of subscription based care that offers a transformational experience for individuals in various stages of Holistic Family Planning. Her (4P+) method embodies the essence of preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting + mental health. She believes that this is the most critical time of reproductive history and the well-being of childbearing age women are vital to our future human ecosystem. RaShaunda’s step-by-step Family Planning tool is a strategic solution to help individuals seeking “holistic contraceptive options.”

The Beehive is designed for the educational improvement of girls, teens, women, and families’ overall well-being, throughout human reproductive development.

Our SWEET Origin Story
RaShaunda is also a Licensed Holistic Family Planning Coach, Birth Coach, and Certified Behavioral Health & Wellness Coach which is a complementary solution to her growing private practice. Whether you need virtual access or an in office visit at our private Midwest City location, RaShaunda, and her team offer a stress-free pathway to SWEET resources and community-based service providers.

Why Join The Beehive

At Beehive Birth Consulting care starts with Holistic Family Planning. We provide a MEMBERSHIP model for childbearing families to experience deliberate and intentional support services to guide them through every step of their family planning journey with our signature non-prescriptive contraceptives and coaching program for reproductive well-being. 


PRECONCEPTION is the time when teens, women, and families can CREATE space to accept the Rite of Passage our reproductive ecosystem offers the childbearing body.

PREGNANCY is the time when the body is aligning to the process of Holistic Family Planning” to successfully seed, grow, and mature a new member of the human family.

POSTPARTUM is the time for remembering the ancient art of lying in, which is a STRATEGIC and transitional period of interconnectedness for mother, baby, father, and family, initiating breastfeeding, and undisturbed bonding time.

PARENTING + MENTAL HEALTH is the time when the birthing family is being gently cared for to access and MANAGE healing downloads from within their own ancestral forces to promote proper rest, nutrition, and relying on the benefits of ecological medicine for overall reproductive well-being through behavioral health.

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RaShaunda Lugrand, Owner/Operator
Licensed Holistic Family Planning Coach

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