Issa Wrap!

Beehive African Babywraps

Wrapping our babies in the way of our ancestors.

Whether it was for the cause of safety during migration, or for comfort and connection, African women were accustomed to wearing their babies. I believe that it is time to reconnect to our lineage of nature based parenting. Now we are in place where consumerism has shifted the culture to detach us from our babies by carrying them in carseats and strollers.

This is where the cultural art of babywearing was lost. My grandmothers didn’t show my mother, not did my mother show me. It wasn’t until my Aunt purchased one for my first son, that I was reconnected to the attachment culture.

Even then, I still had to learn from a Eurocentric concept of wearing my baby that was complex to learn as well as foreign to me.

Wearing our babies is changing in a big way, but not enough that babywearing is second nature. Imagine what it would be like if we had been exposed to this practice as our foremothers on the Continent.

Our generation is reclaiming the practice that, represents a part of our culture in a way that ignites the spirit of Sankofa.

In doing so, I created a program that teaches the community how to wrap their babies in the traditional way of our ancestors.

The goal is imprint a visual that will makes it easier for Mamas to share space, with their children, while exploring our roots, in respect to our heritage, and the re emerging cultural behaviour regarding how we love and connect to our children.

Wanna purchase your own custom wrap. Join us at our next #IssaWrap event or contact me to place your order.

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