6-Part Ecological Childbirth Education Series

At Beehive Birth Consulting we provide Ecological Childbirth Education services for those seeking an autonomous and liberated birth experience in the comfort of their own home, in a birthing center, or at their local hospital, while protecting your rights and well-being, and preparing for postpartum recovery.

Our ecological approach to childbirth education is intuitive, self-directed, and primal. We pride ourselves on the natural and instinctual way of providing support to childbearing families that is unique to each family structure. At Beehive Birth Consulting our undisturbed way of supporting birthing families is by helping them explore the autonomous power of pregnancy care, birth, labor, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.

Our affordable program offers birthing families the education and TEKnology needed for safe, self-directed childbirth, with the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support of a BBC-trained community childbirth coach.

The US Reproductive Health Care System is failing the childbearing community. The lack of community-based providers has a gross number of: out of 100 births, only 10 to 12 will be attended by a midwife – and 9 out of 10 of these providers are white.1 

Our program is designed to serve all families, with a deliberate focus on Black and Indigenous birthing families seeking traditional methods of care, beginning with Ecological Childbirth Education.

Our coaches and consultants are trained to respect the tradition of community-led childbirth, which is one of the most ancient traditions in the human world, with roots so deep that go back as far as 4 BYA (Billion Years Ago). That means, you are not the first person to give birth, you are the legacy of The Origial Mother.

One direct result of our program is the co-creation of a spiritually diversified perinatal workforce that will become the future of how community-based family planning services and education are accessed.

Photo by The InTune Mother

We provide care that is culturally congruent and family-centered, while amplifying Black and Indigenous communities that prioritize Healing Justice practices and techniques of caring for the pregnant, birthing, lactating, and postpartum ritual to tend to the birthing body.

We support ALL birthing families by encouraging the elimination of oppression and stigmatizing the identity of Black and Indigenous-led practices by uplifting Anti-Racism practices for those who seek Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum, Parenting, + Mental Health.

BBC uplifts the work of our ancestors and strives to be a leading-edge edge Family Planning Center in our own right. We are dedicated to Reproductive Consciousness ®️. This is a deliberate movement of self-science through the lens of childbirth and childrearing. We are representing our foremothers, their legacy, and the thrivablility of our mitochondrial DNA. This is our human birthright and we are intentionally building capacity for sustainability and the reestablishment of community-based childbirth support services for the future.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five Part 1 & Part 2

Week Six

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