Peace, I AM RaShaunda, I have spent the last 10 years advocating for self-directed childbirth. Over the past six years I have practiced as an Independent Perinatal Consultant. I am a Holistic Childbirth Educator (Certified by The Matrona, a leading edge school of Midwifery), helping women just like you get in-tune to give birth in a fearless and responsible way. I am also a multi certified Doula ( through Sista Midwife Productions and The Matrona), as well as an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider (through INNATE Traditions) I recently completed my certification as a Perinatal Comfort Measures Specialist (through Better Birth 360) as well as Community Supported Postpartum Facilitator (though Mothering Arts) that focuses on nurturing the community in the postpartum year.
I AM also trained in neurolinguistic programming and run a small practice (accredited by the American University of Neurolinguistic Practitioners) teaching maternal mental health techniques on how to use creative empowering and inclusive language that facilitates for a more empowered and self-directed birth experience for expectant women and families!
Before beginning my journey into birth work, I practiced as a Natural Beauty Consultant – Specializing in Afrocentric Beauty Culture. I was licensed in 2000 by (Kaye’s Beauty College) and recently retired after 20 years of cosmetology service. While in school, I worked as a Certified Nurses Assistant – CNA (Specializing in Hospice Care and Transitional Life) as well as a Qualified Medicine Aid – QMA (in home health care).
I began my love for birth work after fearlessly giving birth to my first son at home, with a beautiful birth team (including my husband, midwife, and doula). It took me to experience this for the third time with (just my husband and our two older boys), in order for me to see that we were among a chosen few in the Africa American community, to elect homebirth as an option. So many people identify pregnancy and childbirth as a medical event. Where we had chartered territory that led me to birth the way my ancestors guided me.
My unique path of beauty, transitional life, and birth work has helped me to design this innovative approach to self-directed childbirth for women and families, thus mastering their innate abilities to intuitively connect on a conscious level to that speaks life to childbirth in a way that authenticates your ability to give Birth Like A BOSS (BLAB)!
If you are looking for a medically bases course full of fluff and fear based language, then you won’t find it here. What you will find is creative, fun, intuitive ways shift into your innate self to manifest your best possible homebirth outcome!
I have given birth not once, but four times at home with NO FEAR, NO MEDICATION, OR POOR OUTCOMES…
I trust that EVERY woman has it within her to give birth in a way that is satisfying and transformational. What I will share with you in this course is My AUTHENTIC Truth! I invite you to become a part of my Hive to experience the SWEET Life of a BOSS Birth…

The The BOSS Method is dynamic coaching and consulting program designed to creatively enrich the way families experience 3 core concepts to human development.


These include:

Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Parenting through creative, strategic, manageable support

The BOSS Method benefits moms, dads, babies, and caregivers

Better Health Outcomes

Numerous published studies show that culturally centered programs help families have healthier babies and nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm birth.


Beehive families who are actively engaged in their own health and wellness, thus being more accountable for their own health outcomes.


Beehive families are better prepared for labor, delivery, and to care for their new baby. Families from the Beehive will make fewer after-hours calls and emergency visits because, they understand what is normal during pregnancy and what is cause for concern.

More time. More care.

Families spend more time with me as their consultant than in traditional care because, I take time to listen intuitively to the needs of the mother and family.

Support & Friendship

Women enjoy being in an environment that is familiar and non-threatening, giving them an opportunity to support each other. Beehive Birth Consulting offers women and families the opportunity to create equitable friendships and wonderful resources for one another during the journey into parenthood. This type of support helps families to relax and reduce stress during this time in their lives.

Learning is fun

The most common word used to describe my course is real! The BOSS Method is based on the proven principle that when people are actively engaged and involved in a discussion with their peers, rather than being lectured or given a pamphlet, they will have greater understanding and are more likely to change their behavior.

Contact us to see how our signature services can help you Birth Like A BOSS.




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