Offerings Inside The Hive

Preconception +

Conscious conception is a nature-based contraception care system that uses the Standard Days Method to plan and/or prevent pregnancy

  • Nutrition
  • Womb Wellness
  • Natural Family Planning

Pregnancy +

Conscious childbirth is a nature-based childbirth preparation program that uses our signature BOSS Method to strategically plan for positive birth outcomes

  • Nutrition 
  • Childbirth Education 
  • Comfort Measures 

Postpartum +

Conscious caregiving is a nature-based postpartum CARE plan that provides INNATE Postpartum care to help Mamas and their families navigate postpartum in a holistic way

  • Nutrition 
  • Breastfeeding 
  • Womb Wellness


Parenting +

Conscious childrearing is a nature-based approach that provides a pathway to support families in the early stages of human development and the primal continuum

  • Nutrition 
  • Early Childhood Development 
  • Family Centered Wellness


Beehive Birth Holistic Family Planning – $25+ per session supports you with creating a path of least resistance when it comes to family planning options. Together we will review what your know about your cycle and adopt holistic strategy that is easy to manage. With our physical Cyclebead technology, digital app, and a detailed plan sent directly to your mailbox or distributed in person, you can plan and prevent pregnancy in a holistic way.


To schedule any of the following consulting services, classes, or workshops please contact me via email at me or BOOK ONLINE HERE


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