Holistic Family Planning

Consciousness in conception begins with options…

Beehive Birth Consulting is opening our new Holistic Family Planning Center in Midwest City. We are proud to provide high-quality, culturally congruent, reproductive health education at our clinic in Midwest City, Oklahoma. From condoms and preconception education to other forms of holistic birth control such as; nature-based technology using the Standard Days Method, we want to provide you access to safe, effective, and noninvasive family planning options.

Buzz Worthy Information:

  • Our trained and certified Perinatal Health Consultants are knowledgeable and experienced and can provide you with information about all of your family planning options.
  • We offer a contraception consultation appointment with a consultant for a minimum of $25 that includes our Nature Based contraceptive technology at an additional cost of only $35.
  • Financial assistance is available through Soonercare.
  • Women who are interested in learning more about our Holistic Family Planning program may call Beehive Birth Consulting Midwest City at 405-795-3733 to learn more about the program and to check eligibility.

“This program will allow us to offer women and families noninvasive options to planning and preventing pregnancy. We are happy to begin offering this option at the Beehive. We are helping women and families manage their reproductive health care in a SWEET and holistic way.”

~RaShaunda R. Lugrand, founder and CEO of Beehive Birth Consulting a program of The InTune Mother Society.


We ask that you use the form below to request your appointment.  Your actual appointment time will be confirmed via telephone by a Beehive Birth Consultant. Your consultation and pick up will be at our Midwest City location.

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