Cycle SMART Youth Reproductive Health Coaching

Many parents have a hard time navigating through the “Changing Body,” of a young person. We created a wonderful program that helps parents and their youth process the inevitable. Puberty and fertility is all about knowing how to build awareness. Our Who’s The BOSS coaching program is now provides you with a fun and interactive 6-Part Coaching experience for youth grades 6 – 12, both girls and boys.

The “My Changing Body” method was first created in 2008 by Georgetown University’s Institute for Reproductive Health and Family Health International, and has been widely disseminated in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Each coaching session is devoted to a particular topic:

Session 1.  My Body, My Self

Session 2.  Female and Male Fertility

Session 3.  Combining Female and Male Fertility: Fertilization

Session 4.  Concerns about My Fertility: Female and Male Group Discussions

Session 5.  Hygiene and Puberty

Session 6.  Review

Cycle SMART introduces the concept of body literacy and adds cross-cutting topics and activities that help youth become more aware of gender identity and other social changes that occur with the onset of puberty and developing curiosity of sexuality.

The 6-Part Coaching sessions includes a parents’ support manual that aims to provide you with information on puberty, sexuality, and gender as well as suggestions to help develop parent-child communication skills so that you may better support your children experiencing puberty in a world quite different from the one in which you may have experienced as an adolescence.

Finally, as facilitators’, we aims to train teens and educators working with youth to improve their skills in participatory methodologies and facilitation, as well as gain critical information and comfort in talking about puberty, gender, sexuality, and fertility awareness, so you can better support Very Young Adolescents (VYAs) and parents to Cycle SMART. 

By the end of this 6-Part Coaching session, the participants will:

1.  Identify five physical changes experienced during puberty by both males and females and discuss their feelings about them.

2.  Identify three emotional changes accompanying puberty and discuss their feelings about them.

3.  Identify the age around when puberty occurs.

4.  Discuss their own physical development and body image.

5.  Understand that sexual feelings are normal.

Registration is open for our Summer session TODAY!

First Session TBA

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