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Our vision

For too long, the perinatal health industry has been fraught with barriers, making it difficult, if not impossible, for women and families to access community led, community-based programs, that are organized by Black/African American/Indigenous creatives, entrepreneurs, and influencers to launch sustainable lifestyle brands. #CatchABUZZ

Beehive Birth Consulting was created to pave a new path for women and families to design and narrate their own birth experience. Using our unique eye for fashion, we incorporated a shoe-tech platform, for individuals, communities, and boutique style business models to be a part of a social movement that identifies them as an ambassador of a brand with a mindset for birth justice in a way that demonstrates cultural impact. We are building capacity for the need to extract from our actions, behaviors, language and culture to break the chain of inequality and decline of access to community based perinatal health through innovative commerce, growing a reputable network of influences, and investing equitable amounts, BUZZ Culture invites you to purchase our shoes with little risk but plenty of culturally rewarding impact.

The main purpose of BUZZ Culture is to lead people on the right path toward building momentum and awareness, by wearing our Limited Edition custom shoes line, whether you:

  • are unaware of the impact of perinatal disparities in the real world.
  • are already an experienced birth worker or socially conscious person and want to grow your existing philanthropic outreach.
  • already have a connection to our sustainable work, but are now ready to walk the walk in a shoe line to extend your support and offerings.

While the journey may be slightly different from traditional approaches to perinatal health, we believe that walking in you passion with a shoe that is focused on breaking barriers in these the three groups:

  • Social Permaculture
  • Environmental Racism
  • Sustainable Familyhood


If you’re in alignment and this feels good to you, then you will follow the same path: Create a BUZZ, by spreading the word about our mission, purchase this ass fly shoe, and help us reach our social impact goals. MmmmK…


Get to Know Buzz Culture

A fly shoe for co-creators with a heart and head for building more than a cultural movement… We exist to create perinatal sustainability with a buzz…

Order your shoe here —–> 


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