Beehive Birth Consulting

Welcome Inside of The Beehive!

We are a holistic, designer, lifestyle brand, with a vision to make Perinatal Health Care accessible for all.

We are focused on providing an affordable marketplace for Preconception Planning and Prevention, Pregnancy Care, Postpartum Care, Breastfeed Support, and Parental Support throughout Oklahoma and Cleveland County. Beehive Birth Consulting is a Perinatal Health & Wellness brand, with a social mission to make sure that every Mama who wants Traditional Midwifery & Doula Care can have access to it. We understand that there are social determinants of health that can affect a Mama’s ability to choose. Our collective exists to change the way Mamas and families experience the power of choice. So, we created a SWEET space where access to care is affordable for all.

As a newly approved Family Planning Center we are currently accepting Soonercare members.

Meet The Collective

Hi Honey! I am RaShaunda Lugrand the Mindset Midwife – owner, and founder of Beehive Birth Consulting and Perinatal Wellness Center, a program of The InTune Mother Society a 501(C)3 Charitable Health Organization. I am a wife of 13 years, mother of four sons, who were all born at home, breastfed, and homeschooled. I currently attend Oregon State University online pursuing a Ph.D. in Biocultural Anthropology and Human Development, as a multi-certified Birth Work Provider, Neurolinguistic Practitioner, and Postpartum Care Provider, I am excited to be a new resident of Oklahoma. It is my goal to build a sustainable business model that supports Birth Worker agency and consumer confidence in holistic approaches to Perinatal Health Care. I love poetry, good music, practicing African spirituality, reading in my spare time, and spending time with family and friends.

Hey Busy Bee! Bennie Fairbanks here, owner of Bennie Enterprises. I am a newly married mother of two sons and a daughter. In 2015, I graduated from Central State Beauty & Wellness, as a Licensed Massage Therapist. My goal as a birth worker is to help prepare women of all ages to establish the necessary tools and resources to navigate the postpartum period, thus preventing postpartum depression by helping families have a relaxing and ‘Peaceful Postpartum’ experience. Along with serving families as a newly trained Community Based Perinatal Consultant my main goal in life is to create a childhood my children don’t have to heal from. Being the best partner to my husband; And following my heart while fulfilling God’s purpose. I love my life and see art in everything that I do.

Hey Mama! I am Jennifer Armstrong, owner of The Fit Nutritionista. I am the mother of two amazing children ages 14 and 11. I have over 8 years experience working in the fitness and nutrition industry along with running multiple freelance health and wellness entrepreneurial endeavors. My passion and focus is Nutrition, Fitness, and Total Wellness for all Women. As a newly certified Community Based Perinatal Consultant, I believe healthy women, and more specifically Healthy Mamas will create stronger children, nurture their families, and have a positive influence on the trajectory of society. I am focused on helping Mamas build healthy nutritional habits that will support them in having an optimum pregnancy and postpartum experience.

Hello Mama’s! I am Shana McLaughlin also known as Rhythm. I am the owner of “Divine Thrive Realm,” where women and families are celebrated as they are. I am a dual-certified Holistic & Bereavement Doula. I recently became certified as a Community Based Perinatal Consultant with a focus on the alchemy of life through holistic approaches to trauma, transitional and end of life care, My work encompasses multiple levels of care management including: Energetic Womb Restoration. I infuse laughter, sound healing, and conscious self awareness throughout my entire practice. I have a passion to serve through spiritual, non-medical, intuitive communication leading with feminine energy, which has taken me all over the world. Facilitating sacred spaces, mindful women’s events , retreats, workshops, classes, hiking excursions and creative group activities is how I seek to bridge the gap and assist in the many strides forward in humanity.

Beautiful Beginnings Honeycombs! I’m Kat Chukwu, owner of Beautiful Beginnings OKC and Destiny Holistic Cleaning Services where I provide private, in-home services, as a Certified Cleaning Specialist. I was born and raised in Northeast Oklahoma City. I have 17 years of experience in motherhood to two “Empowering” young men. As a newly certified Community Based Prenatal Consultant, it is my goal to provide education and services that help Mama’s and families to understand the impact of harsh chemically based cleaning agents on our short term and long term environmental health, especially during the prenatal and postpartum periods. After many years of training and experience, I am currently following my “Destiny” by offering my services to families seeking personalized care and support during their Beautiful Beginnings. I believe that we were created to grow ourselves and each other.

Hey love! I am Ambrozia Lambert. I am a newly certified Community Based Perinatal Health Consultant. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I practice the power of practical living and productivity for the everyday Mama. It is my goal to assist mothers with how to plan a stress free childbirth and postpartum experience. I believe that in order for our community to heal, we need to look towards sustainable models of Birth Work in order for this to happen. I’m making it my personal mission to be a part of bringing awareness to areas that may be overlooked in many homes of families in childbearing age. Thus ensuring these families feel empowered from their birth and postpartum experience. Eventually turning better days into better decades.

Peace and Blessings! I am Jessica N. Thornton, Founder and Owner of Black Fruit International, LLC. As a proud Oklahoma Native and flower-eating child with over 16 years of healthcare experience combined. I am a Registered Nurse, multi-certified Doula, Yoni Practitioner, Herbal Artist, as well as student of Naturopathic Medicine and Spiritual Midwifery. I recently completed the Pathways Community Based Perinatal Health Consultant training. In conjunction to my previous work, I currently offer Mindful Wellness Lifestyle Consulting and Holistic Perinatal Health Education, focusing on Preconception and Fertility. I seek to serve a Global Community of Women who desire to be Proactive in their Health and create a Fruitful Yoni through Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Vibrational Well-Being. My motto is: “Healing Others, As We Are Healing OurSelves.”

Love and Light! I am Cara Betancourt- Oklahoma City born and raised, mother of young sons, wife of five years, a daughter, a sister, and (as my name means) “a dear friend.” I was called to support women after the births of my sons- Arlo unmedicated in the hospital in 2015 and Leo undisturbed at home in 2019. After the transformative experiences of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I was motivated to educate myself and advocate for other women to start trusting their intuition for better birth outcomes. As a new Community Based Perinatal Consultant and BirthKeeper, I strive to be an ally, to better understand the responsibility of my privilege and to amplify my own voice to that power and autonomy is maintained by vulnerable individuals, families, and underrepresented communities. I want to hold space for Mama’s and families to lead as their own health experts to discover their innate, instinctual ability to birth in full power.

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