Welcome Inside of The Beehive!

We are an afrofuturistic, designer, lifestyle brand, with a vision of supporting women along the childbearing continuum. To do so, we are making community-based Perinatal Health Care accessible for all.

We are focused on providing an affordable marketplace for Preconception Planning and Prevention, Pregnancy Care, Postpartum Care, Breastfeed Support, and Parental Support throughout Oklahoma and Cleveland County. Beehive Birth Consulting is a Perinatal Health & Wellness brand, with a social mission to make sure that every Mama who wants Traditional Midwifery & Doula Care can have access to it. We understand that there are social determinants of health that can affect a Mama’s ability to choose. Our agency exists to change the way Mamas and families experience the power of choice. So, we created a SWEET space where access to holistic preconception care, doula support, prenatal groups, breastfeeding support, one-on-one consulting, or mental health support.

The truth is… we want you to have it all. Just like a Queen Bee should. 

As a newly approved Family Planning Center we are currently accepting Soonercare members.


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