7-Day SWEET Spot Challenge – A  Liberating Movement For Contraceptives

August is here, and you know what that means… Well, maybe you don’t. August is a month of celebration for Beehive Birth Consulting because it marks our 3rd year in business. We have made huge strides and overcame many milestones in our short-time in business. Between the global pandemic and the recent political crisis surrounding family planning, we are dedicating this challenge towards helping our community become more educated and aware of their contraceptive options. Our mission is to grow and scale our company to become a household name for holistic contraceptive options. While we are currently making larger, long-term shifts in our company, these changes can be overwhelming in a good way.

So, we are inviting our community to engage in a revolutionary week long challenge to learn how to leverage their BIRTH CONTROL SKILLS. Your participation is valuable in making the necessary changes for our company to realize the importance of healing justice in the spirit of Black political movements that are historically defined by the month of August. Beehive Birth Consulting is a demonstration for the reclamation of reproductive well-being and resistance of oppression by choosing a new narrative.

We know that in order to improve reproductive health, we have to overcome unique challenges. It takes time to initiate that kind of accountability because we have to unlearn the habits that we may have been conditioned to accept for a very long time. So, a short 7-day challenge is a great starting-off point to help reset the thinking process for liberation of  the childbearing body.

Creating space for the challenge to be experienced with a group also invites an additional level of support and motivation provided by fellow participants. This month, we want people coming together in the name of liberation for ALL. As the founder of this company, I hope to see a significant impact to expand our network and global reach.

If you feel led to join the movement, then you shouldn’t delay. Click the link below to sign up and be added to our list of participants. We look forward to seeing your name.

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