Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!

Most people have the idea of working 12 months out of the year and celebrating for the last part of the year from November – February. Yet at Beehive Birth Consulting, we are committed to aligning our practice with the seasonal shifts. This means our calendar closes in September so that we can get prepared for Winter break.

This is our time to bask in the closing out of the year and celebrate our accomplishments that we’re made during our Spring and Summer cycles.

We are intentional about the work we do and understand the importance of rest and slowing down for seasonal work.

For example, if one of our members gets pregnant tonight, in the passionate throes of Valentine’s Day bliss, I personally not be available for booking because your estimated due date will be in mid-November.

We can offer you Ecological Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding Support, and Postpartum Care, but if you are seeking birth support, you will be directed to our SWEET Vendor Community. Yet, if you plan to conceive in June, you will be in alignment with our capacity to serve as your Birth Coach, as you will potentially give birth in March of 2024.

Therefore, we will be opening our books to new members starting March – September 2023 to enroll in our Signature CARE program for preconception care and postpartum recovery.

As a sustainable business model, we value the cycles of nature and look forward to returning to work this Spring. 🐝

Book your consultation now to learn ways to plan and prevent pregnancy naturally.

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