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RaShaunda Lugrand Owner of Beehive Birth Consulting ~ Holistic Family Planning Center. She is passionate about improving women’s reproductive health using a traditional and holistic approach. She has created a 4-week mini coaching program SWEET Spot Group Coaching to offer more options for women who are serious about reclaiming reproductive ownership. Here she offers the benefits of group reproductive wellness coaching at a reduced rate and in an online environment. This is an opportunity to for women to address their reproductive health needs as it relates to contraceptive care. As your Holistic Family Planning Coach she aims to help women dismantle mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional blockages with other like minded women who are ready to take ownership of their reproductive well-being through making conscious choices. The women who are ready to work with RaShaunda are prepared to:

  • Learn a new life skill to naturally uplift access reproductive consciousness with holistic contraceptives
  • Learn how to manage your reproductive health WITHOUT the use of pills, patches, implants, or injections
  • Learn how to create simple improvements in your personal, home, and professional life to help you restore reproductive well-being
  • Learn how to apply these skills to help you reclaim and maintain your own reproductive consciousness using your very own CycleBeads
  • Learn how to use your cycle to attract and maintain a healthy intimate relationship(s)
  • Create a WAP (Weekly Accountability Plan) for overall reproductive wellness


Session Options:

1 session (includes one individual session and a set of CycleBeads)
4 sessions (includes CycleBeads + mini group coaching session)

Weekly sessions last up to 90-minutes each. Individual sessions lat up to 60-minutes. In order to get the most out of the group sessions, it is suggested that members commit to their reproductive journey by practicing reclamation and skills sharing through attending all sessions and participating in all discussions. When you complete registration, you will receive a Zoom link to join the upcoming group sessions.

Book Now Pay Later With Afterpay

The SWEET Spot Mini Group Coaching offers women all the benefits of reproductive wellness coaching at a reduced rate. There are two payment options for your 4 weekly sessions.

If you opt to pay for all sessions at once the rate will be:

$75 per session x 4 sessions = $300
Payment plans are available via Afterpay

We look forward to starting the SWEET Spot Group Coaching Session the first Sunday of February. RaShaunda and her team are committed to the well-being of each woman that participates. It is important that you are invested in doing the necessary work to uplift your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness in order to improve your overall reproductive well-being.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or my assistant at or email

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