Medicinal Models for Sustainable Motherhood

What if for every dime bag (.5-1 grams) of weed sold today, 2% was matched and put into a surplus fund for perinatal health care?

Last year Oklahoma grossed $34.5 million in marijuana sales. The TIM Society is asking our local dispensaries, #GovKevinStitt, and his constituents to support our organization with 2% redistribution of funds to help sustain our community-based perinatal health programs.

That would be $690k redistributed to Community Based Perinatal Health or 6,900,000 dimes.

In doing so we are creating an economy to expand and mobilize a skills based industry that has been designated as an “essential business” during this crucial period of COVID-19, while mitigating social distance practices, without ignoring the social determinants of health for underrepresented childbearing families.

Are you a local dispensary owner who would like to be a part of our birth justice campaign?

Help us maintain our momentum by supporting a buzz worthy cause such as Beehive Birth Consulting and Perinatal Wellness Center a program of The InTune Mother Society.

See more about us on the web at:

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