Birth Of A Beehive

In 2018 I found out that I was going to give birth to yet another “baby boy.” As a birth worker, self-directed researcher, and student of Anthropology and Philosophy I began researching reproduction patterns as it relates to gender roles and human development.

Just as a note to self… I wanted to see how my husband and I kept producing boys(?)

The more in depth my research became, the Ancestors directed me to the study of the Honey Bee. The studies ultimately became a part of our strategic planning for our Sustainable Familyhood programs.

This shifted so much for our family centric business model. It was deeper than just birth consulting. It was about reproductive consciousness and preservation.

I became obsessed with the intelligence of the Queen Bee. Why? Because she controls the sex of her offspring.

The Queen mates with up to (3) Drones (male bees) in her lifetime to produce all the eggs she will ever need.

So if the queen adds sperm to an egg, it will produce a  female; if she withholds sperm, the egg will produce a male.

I wanted to know if humans had a connection to this same consciousness.

In doing so, I gave birth to Beehive Birth Consulting. Using the help of my spirit guides,  non-traditional education, and acedemic research to make the intersection between human evolution and reproductive ecology.

Connecting the spirit of all life that is seeded, born, grows and matures. Thus creating a balanced and Sustainable Familyhood.

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