Why It Took Me A Whole Year To Loose 10 lbs. A SWEET story about postpartum body image.

Growing up, I was a “pleasantly plump” little girl. My name ended with an “a” so, I had a lot of sass. I come from a family of cooks. We love to eat good food. Even the men cook. I mean… I learned to cook at the tender age of 9. Hey, I was a latchkey kid. This was the foundation of my elder spirit rising from within. I learned how to take care of Mamas, by taking care of my own. Being a daughter was my first introduction to birth work. It was all about reciprocity.

Now, here I am, one year after giving birth to my fourth baby. I recently started working out again. This time is different. My new motto is Gains Over Excuses. I was reminded by the way my body felt when I would see other postpartum women, who were focused on the “snap back.” One thing that I found out in my personal journey, was I didn’t care about my body image. I wasn’t afraid to give myself time. In doing so I found the right process for me.

Maybe because I had been overweight before?

Maybe because I had been pregnant before and had my body back by my baby’s First Birthday?

Whatever the case, I didn’t rush out to get my pre-pregnancy body back.

One reason is because, Mama’s are spending WAY too much time concentrating on weight loss vs. postartum healing.

The best way that I have learned to trim down slowly is by practicing exclusive breastfeeding.

YEP! I said, “Exclusive Breastfeeding.”

The more you breastfeed, the more likely you are to trim down at a natural pace.

So, stay focused Honey, and lean into the SWEETNESS of your postpartum body.

If you feel like you are ready to get back to a regular workout routine… Without resistance and excuses… Join me some other Bee Goddesses for daily training sessions with Jamie Thomas of Gains Over Excuses for the Bad Body Bootcamp


RaShaunda Lugrand CHBD|NLP|IPCP


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