Mother May I – A SWEET campaign for Mother’s Day 365

Often times we get so hung up in adulting, that we forget the benefits of, simple childhood memories, and get locked into the moments of Hallmark bliss.

We love the cards, going to dinner, getting gifts (i.e., flowers, jewelry, etc.).

However, you may find that this concept is hard to manage for some and many are not even into the theme of Mother’s Day. For that reason, I am launching a post Mother’s Day campaign for the sake of human development, courage, and healing. This is a prodigious leap for Motherhood.

The Mother May I campaign is an answer to restoring the natural beauty and wholeness, enabling humans to feel, think, and act as an interconnected community on this planet we call earth.


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Here is a quick blurb of what this campaign is designed to do:

  • Help mothers access care from within her immediate family/community
  • Help evolve community practices and beliefs through compassion
  • Help people approach motherhood in a proactive way that honors the needs of mothers, fathers, and the needs of young children

Here are three things that can help you to realize your need to explore more joy and give yourself the permission to love and Bee loved in an unconditional way by your family and community!

1. Trust your Body: The soul energy that fuels your body, and all that you are, will always give you signs if you are putting out more energy then you are getting back. If someone/something is bringing difficult energy to space, we have to learn how to spin that energy. In order to receive love for yourself, you have to make room for those offering you loving energy in return, you will feel it! This is your body saying, “Yes!”

Being around people who do not acknowledge the journey of Motherhood will make you feel physically drained or tired. When this happens give yourself permission to take some space. Rather than saying “may I take two steps forward” take a few steps back and re-assess your needs and ask for ways to remedy the situation.

Sometimes the easiest way to decide if you are in a place you want to be is to ask yourself this question. “If my child, or brother, or sister, or close friend, or even a parent were in this same situation – what would I tell them to do if they asked my advice?”

Love yourself in the same manner as you would suggest that your loved ones should love themselves. This also means asking for help when you need it.

2. Try to re-discover what makes you happy and draws you to your “happy place!” Sometimes you may do things that don’t truly make you happy; in order to make other’s happy – or sometimes just to keep the peace.

If you do this often enough you may actually start to forget what are the things that make you happy! When my husband and I do conflict mediation work, we often help others to remember what brings them joy by having them identify music, movies, television shows, favorite foods, and other things that bring them joy.

You can begin to do this as well. Look back at your life and think about the things you used to love to do – and then, whenever possible – do them!

3. Give yourself permission to let go of blame, guilt, shame, lack and any other thoughts of not being “enough!”

You are perfection, and any of your experiences to date have simply been a part of your evolution in this particular incarnation.

Thinking that you “missed your chance” to be something, or do something, causes you to discount all the things you have learned and become – and while you may not see what those things are – your soul does!

Start every day with the afformation of:

“It so easy for me to attract people to me that are willing to help me when I am in need!”

This month is the perfect time – every time you look at the calendar – to say “Yes, I give myself permission to recieve the support I need to do things differently.”

“Today I will connect with energy and people that will bring me joy!”

And then – realize that you have just given yourself permission to take a big step forward – towards accepting your own ability to receive the best support specifically designed for you!

So, in closing… Ask a mother today, “Mother May I, wash your dishes?

Mother May I, carry your groceries?

Mother May I, cook dinner for you and your family?

Mother May I, watch your kiddos, while you take a break? (#IssaMeDay)

Add to this list of the things that you need, and see what happens.

Til then,

Be SWEET Honey!

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