Why I Didn’t Record My Last Homebirth (Part 1)

With all of the things I could share about my last homebirth journey…

I wanted to share my birth story and experience with my followers in a way, that still allowed for me and my family to keep our moment sacred.

I wanted to share the sexy nature of giving birth as well as have our privacy.

I wanted to not only offer a layer of inspiration for the women who were watching me, yet be able to make sure that I was respectfully sharing what we had experienced, with love and dignity.

I did not record my homebirth because, I wanted to just be in the moment.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, “We are going to document EVERYTHING!”We said, “People need to see how we “do it,” homebirth that is.

Then as I was getting closer and closer to the day, I realized that, what I wanted most was an intimate moment with my husband and new baby.

I wanted to recapture the essence of the moment when we decided to conceive another life. Which we planned to conceive this baby. It was my birthday gift to my husband “giggles…”

It was in the moment of labor, that I knew, I was right back at the place where I had began. I was about to make love with my husband. I was about to give back to him, in the fullest measure, what he had given to me.

And since we did not feel the need to share “footage” of he and I in the act of conception, why share the by-product of our love making in a public way?

It was that simple. If we did not record ourselves making the baby, why would we record ourselves giving birth to our baby?

No shade or shame to those who have. We too, have footage of me giving birth on the web from our previous homebirths. But this time it was different. In a voyeur society, I chose the best thing for me. For us.

It was not only a request from within my own head and heart, I believe, it was a request from our unborn son. He was the only baby to go past his due date. This was his way of slowing us down. Making us think. And confirming his undisturbed path into THIS world.

So, I learned that there is a place for everything.

I also learned how much of your personal life is at stake… when we are willing to be exploited and exposed in such a way. Especially when it comes to the event of childbirth.

Be Sweet Honey,


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