Sometimes It Stings

Being proactive is a big part of the world of homebirth I live in. This means the mother and family being in front of their desired birth outcome.

I can’t say it enough that preparation is key. Not just knowing that you want to birth at home… But getting clear on why.

To avoid oppressive medical care is not enough.

Not just about getting the material things in order, but the mental stressors that can subconsciously overwhelm the complete experience.

The false realities that have nothing to do with YOU!

I am aware that perinatal #mentalhealthmatters… And more often then not we overlook certain behaviors that triggers outcomes that can be avoided.

With being pregnant comes a complete toolkit of messages, packed with innate instructions. These are designed by biological variables per your souls code.

No womans conception story is alike. And we have to stop treating birth as such.

So when I see women sharing their horror stories and pointing the finger at a not so pleasant outcome… I feel indifferent…

The NLP practitioner in me reads something totally diffenent. The intuitive healer in me knows that somewhere between the journey… Mom got lost. She was distracted. Her temple was raided by thieves.

Most times I am here to just be a witness. To observe. Not to work your birth. Yet to hold space for the unfolding of your own work as you are seeking ways to give birth and be reborn.

Honestly I love to help others form their own ideas and experiences around their birth vision… but…

…When a woman has trouble with holding the vision of her own birth outcome and she cannot get clear… I have no authority in the journey to founding the map to her clarity.

In this… I am instructed to take a backseat. To feel he path. To quiet my tongue. This is where I see my exit sign. I have learned my place in the services I provide. I have experienced the yearnig of wanting to be a part of the movement.

My yearning has changed along with my philosophy.

The fact that most women have become so detached from the link between conception and birth that we have trouble articulating what we want to experience… Let alone what we need and how to access it from others.

So, we end up in situational paradigms that are not secure or designed to be pleasant. Thus we loose our lives in the seat of fear and resistance.

I humbly suggest that the cause is due to lack of social accountability. We want to be cared for by complete stangers, better than we are willing to care for ourselves…

Thus giving away our power and authority in a promiscuous way to “so called” providers.

We are constantly being programmed to accept the death narrative. To only find ourselves now fighting, with words that give power to naysayers.

Take a moment. Go to somewhere quiet. Take a deep breath. Then ask yourself these three questions…

1.) What does my mind say about my beliefs surrounding childbirth?

2.) What does my behaviors show about my thoughts regarding my own birth outcome?

3.) What is my unborn child saying that he/she wants to experience with me when “WE” are born?

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