What NOT To Buy For A New Baby…

First off, this blog post is based on a variety of opinions regarding shopping for a new baby. One is my own personal experience. Next is the anxiety that moms and families have about what IS unnecessary (i.e. what to ask for at your baby shower). Lastly, when I see people campaigning for needy families asking for help to by unnecessary things.

One reason why I am writing this blog post is to help you, the reader, see how easy it is to get caught up on a spending frenzy.

Here is a short list of things that I gathered from a simple social media survey of “What NOT To Buy For A New Baby.” I hope it helps you save time, energy, and most of all money.

1.) The crib and bassinet – Out of 10 women 8 of them said they could have done without these sleep devices. Most said it ended up being a good storage bin. Some even promoted more co-sleeping, especially the moms who chose to breastfeed.

2.) Too many clothes – When you have a new born baby, the fact they they are born naked should be a clear indicator… That they don’t need as many clothes as most people buy. One mom suggested only purchasing 10 outfits per season. I have always loved age group purchases for the win… (i.e. 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 months) you get the picture.

3.) Noisy toys – This is one my favorite thing to leave at the store. Other mom’s confirmed this too. Let me tell you… There is nothing like having a stock pile of gadgets and trinkets that are battery operated and going to get minimal use over time. The best toys are age appropriate manipulates. They last long, inexpensive, and are not too noisy!

Here are some others that were mentioned.

4.) Bottles and pacifiers

5.) Baby stroller/car seat thingy

6.) Baby bath tub

7.) Baby swing/bouncer

8.) Baby shoes

9.) Breast pump

…And I am sure we will get more input on this subject. So be looking for “Part II.”

Until then… We would love to hear from you. Do your research and send us your comments. What can you do without??? Remember the goal is to bee present for your baby, bee engaged in the experience, and ultimately save that money Honey!


Bee Sweet,


~ The Queen Bee

2 thoughts on “What NOT To Buy For A New Baby…

  1. I think for some the Breast pump could be a real lifesaver. For days where I’m in too much pain to strap my baby to me that stroller comes in really handy, but other than that I completely agree! this was an awesome post.

  2. I think this is true for cosleeping moms (if you don’t cosleep, you have to have either a crib or bassinet, but I was glad to have the little tiny bassinet before the big crib. That didn’t come until she was more than six months), breastfeeding moms (the only way I got milk out was to pump – also it was free with insurance) and stay-at-home moms (I’ve heard dozens of horror stories about babies not eating if mom is gone or sick. Bottles are a must).
    My daughter needed ALL the clothes because I didn’t like to keep her in something dirty if she spit up or her diaper leaked. And I’m not here for the naked baby. I don’t even let mine run around in her diaper.
    My wiggly girl got some good use out of the baby tub. I bought it late because people said I wouldn’t need it. But the sink was too small, she was too wiggly for the shower with me, and I have a bad knee so I couldn’t get in the tub with her.
    The swing saved me multiple times. My nosey girl loves to find anything to mess with, even when she was too tiny to do much, she craned her neck and turned over very early. I needed the rocking and vibration to calm her.

    I think this list is also bent toward non-single moms.

    I do agree with toys and shoes. My baby is 15 months now and still doesn’t wear shoes for very long. I’m glad I never wasted money on that. Even with Christmas just past, she doesn’t play with many toys, so I pretty much skip those too.

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