15 Things NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman Over The Age of 35…

As a woman giving birth in my late 30’s, I got a lot of looks and comments that could have been very discouraging– If I was not happy and secure with my ability to conceive and give birth, I would be in a sticky situation.

On this blog post I am going to be sharing some examples of the most offensive things to say, but people and practitioners say them anyway.

15.) Because you are older… your baby is more likely to develop chromosomal problems, including Down Syndrome.

14.) You know at your age, it is not uncommon for you to need a c-section.

13.) Gurl, you know you too old to be getting caught up.

12.) My friend had a baby at your age and the baby did not make it.

11.) Did you get IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)?

10.) You got started late, huh?

9.) You gone be old when the baby is in high school.

8.) The older you are the harder it is for your lady parts to work during childbirth.

7.) Did you know that you are considered geriatric pregnancy?

6.) You know you are high risk at your age?

5.) I would be scared to have a baby this late in age.

4.) What did your doctor say?

3.) What do you plan to do for breastfeeding? Isn’t your milk different?

2.) Are you done after this?

1.) If I were you, I would be getting my tubes tied.

Although some of these comments and questions could go for any age pregnant woman… It is assumed with a different tone for the woman past age 35.

So I am here to say BUZZ Off!!!

Healthy babies are born to health mommas at various ages. Don’t be a buzz kill…

~ The Queen Bee

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