Happy Mother’s Day

Pregnancy is a perfect time to tune into your most primitive self.

To tune up your intuition.

To be naked.

To see your reflection as a raw testimonial that you give life.

To take a look in the mirror…

To see yourself as fruitful, attractive, and sexy.

Capable of doing things that only a woman can do…

I am respectfully reminded of my partner.

My lover.

My man.

The intimacy between us.

Conjuring the family we said we would have.

Some pregnancies planned.

Some not.

I am resting well.

I am unbothered.

The nay sayers are obsolete.

My teeth are sharp.

And so is my tongue.

Warmly welcoming the approaching time.

It is so good to be here.

To see myself this way.

A warrior Goddess.

Living out my truth.

I asked for this.

And it took five years to manifest.

I accepted the charge.

That burned through past lives.

The energy.

The vibration.

The mindset.

And here I am.

Feeling primitive and free.

Won’t you join me?

Radiating the highest frequencies.

Submitting to the duality inside of me.

I am more than her or she.

More than a Queen.

I Am we.

Together we are born in the reflection of one another.

Let this be a moment to bare witness.

To declare and affirm my freedom.

My womanness.

I Am safe.

I Am loved.

I Am heard.

I Am protected.

I Am.

I Am.

I Am.

I Am.


~ The Queen Bee

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