Um. Isn’t It Time You Learn About Your Perinatal Options…

Do you wanna know what I love most about being an Independent Perinatal Consultant– Helping women and families learn more about their options. ♥️

When I was pregnant with my first son, my life took a complete 360 degree turn. My husband and I were newly married and planning our best life over the next (5) years. We had been trying to conceive before we were married, but no luck. But 30 days after we were married, on the same day we met 3 years to the date we conceived. Yep, we were about to have a baby!
After a few births, we learned how to seek out ALL of our options. Sometimes this meant pissing off the doctors because, they were in the mindset of authority…

In all honesty, I am still learning the various obstacles women and families face. In listening to birth stories, it gives me inside info on how to serve.

So, what if you could have the kind of relationship with your birth team that guarenteed a positive birth outcome?

For some this might sound like a far off fantasy…

And before now, I would not have even offered such support because, there are too many skeptics.”

Buuuuut Honeyyyyy… That was before I conceived again myself.

Thus being able to take the “role of not only a consultant, but also a consumer.” So the Beehive Birth Consulting Service was born out of the desire to help women and families learn more about sweet birth outcomes.

Gone are the days of settling for fear based birth outcomes.

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**Remember – this is a consulting service – so don’t worry if the Motherhood Monday blog post isn’t hitting your SWEET spot. I am not afraid to admit that my services are not for every woman or family. My goal is simple, with the right communication as your fellow Queen Bee, you can step into your own power and impact the WAY more people see childbirth with your own unique voice**

And yes, Beehive Birth Consulting does collect emails, hosts events, courses and workshops, share videos and builds relationships while growing as a community centered organization. Together we can do much more.
The Beehive gives you everything you need to give birth in an elegant easy-to-manage platform Like A BOSS.

One of my FAVORITE parts is that the Beehive meets you where you’re at and lets you grow at your own pace.

If you’re not ready to use natural childbirth as a part of your perinatal tool belt, then you have options.
But when you are ready, I am here to guide you the where these natural tools are.

Click here to see how to take your birth outcome to the next level.
More options. More inspiration. More influence. It’s all possible with the right tools in your birth handbag.

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