Rushing Can Damn Near Kill You…

My life flashed before my eyes this past Sunday. Why? Because I was rushing. Because, I was anxious. Because, I had a horrible dream. Because. Because. Because. I fell. And I fell hard! It was so hard that I was in utter shock.

The message was clear that I was going down for a crash landing, when I desperately tried to outrun the closing garage. Why didn’t I just use the front door? Why didn’t I just ask my eldest son to close to garage behind me? So many hindsight questions right- AND ON EASTER SUNDAY!!!

The Back Story

My family and I have been house hunting for over 60 days. We moved from our old house in hopes to closing on our first home, but things didn’t pan out the way we hoped for. So a two week rendezvous turned into two months. OMG! What a ride! We toured over 18 homes and found nothing. We almost got into a pickle and just chose a sh!t shack. What a mistake that would have been. So while doing our search, we (my family of 5 + the dog) stayed with my mother-in-law in her tiny apartment. If you have ever raised children in close quarters, then you know that there are no rules to contain children, with cabin fever. This was a BIG lesson because, anyone can feel caged in small spaces. This is even more so with adults. I don’t know about you, but I am the kind of girl who likes her space. We were near the point of just settling for less than what we desired, but it hit us! Right when we began to sink deeper into the ideas of others, self piety, and thinking of all our short comings- We wrestled to get up on that high flying disk and tapped directly into our sweet spot- And this happened…

Our Forever Beehive

Out of the 16 horrible homes we toured, only (2) were worthy of an application. I mean what a BUZZ kill. Anyway… The first of the two homes was soooo cute. It smelled good, it was clean, and the owner was a gem. The only problem was the size. We are not tiny house people. The second house came into view at about 12 midnight. See a few days before, we were trying to figure out, how in thee hell, would we fit all of our stuff fit into that tiny house? After all, this was the best home we had to choose from so far. It wasn’t until a few nignts after, when I had listend to my favorite inspirational speaker- Abraham Hicks– I got it.

I was a more than a Queen Bee- I was a Bee Goddess… And I needed to relish in the frequency of just bee-ing. No matter how hard it was to NOT RUSH… I already had everything I was looking for. This energy was so strong it transmutated from me to my husband. So, when he got the signal, we agreeded and like magic, it happened.

We found the perfect house, the perfect owner, and the perfect price.

We got all the documents in and picked up our keys on this past Friday evening. We were all set to move in on Saturday. So we picked up the Uhaul and cleared out the storage. Mind you my husband had a juice demo to do that eve. So we were once again RUSHING.

We got done with what we could, and staggered to his event. Which was a success. Afterwards, he headed to our new home, with our boys to begin unpacking. Me, on the other hand, went to a much needed Full Moon Yoga session. Might I add, he encouraged me to get out and unwind in the company of my Sista friends. So I did… Only to come home to our crew on full blast, as we had family up from Tulsa, which is always nice.

But I was beat. It was late. The children were hard wired and I needed to relax. So, I cleared a space in our bedroom and went to sleep. What a night to remember–

The Morning After

We slept in. It was Easter Sunday and we had so much to feel resurrected by. New home, new opportunities, new community. What else could we ask for… Besides time. We were gonna be late returning the Uhaul. So my hubby and I jumped out of bed in a tizzy, and quickly got dressed. We headed to the door and gave our boys the orders. We will be back in 10 mins. We head out and Mel got in the truck and hits the road. He had to go gas up first. Then the five-year old goes into a full blown meltdown. The sweetest little thing ever, but when the pin is pulled- the bomb will blow. Well, what had happened was, dad pulled his detonator when he forgot to give him dap (a secrete handshake of security) they share before he leaves the house. This day it didn’t happen. So I had to calm him down in order to pick Mel up from around the corner. This is when I transitioned into manic panic…

Gravity Falls… Hard

First of all, the exit plan was poorly thought out. I was not in the best of my ability to be executing a plan of immediate action. I was panicked for too many reasons. My cortisol levels were on 1000! AND……… It was too darn early to be moving around after a full day of packing and unpacking. So, instead of all the things I wish I would have done, I chanced racing the garage door and slid in for the home plate face first. OUCH!

In the initial shock, I knew I was hurt, but it was not as bad as I thought it was. I thought my face looked like melted candle wax, but it was just a lil road rash. Luckily I have all kinds of medical supplies for work, so I bandaged myself up. First I fell to my knees and then to my face. It was all an effort to save the baby in my belly. Thankfully we were both blessed to be alright.

Concluding Thought

Rushing through life can be the start up of a head on collision. It is one thing to do so on occasions, but every life event. Not healthy Honey! Whether it is related to personal or professional reasons, it is okay to let go. Don’t let life events make you feel the need to rush. Rushing puts you at risk of cortisol overhaul. This is a hormone that is triggered when stresses, anxious, tired, dehydrated, and just plain overestimated. This kind of environment only breeds room for poor health outcomes. So next time you feel rushed, step back, take a deep breath, and proceed with order. I gurantee you’ll get SWEET results.

Bee Sweet Honey!

~The Healing Queen Bee

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