When Is Homebirth The Right Option For Me? How Do I Know…

So there is this weird psychological link between women and care providers. I am going to do my best in this blog post to help you understand my philosophy here. My goal is to help women and families, identify with three (3) points that will help you determine whether or not homebirth is the best option for you and your family.

Homebirth is NOT * let me repeat * Homebirth is NOT for everyone and let me tell you why. But before you go and getting all emotional and up in your feelings– Trying to knock down my beehive… Homebirth is the sweetest option for any expectant woman and family, but not every woman or family is equipped for the experience.

Here Are A Few Of My Reasons Why:

1.) You will not do your own research:

Yes, you Googled keywords related to homebirth and found the perfect midwife and doula. Then, you hired a birth team to support you. You feel like a real Queen Bee, but if you are not willing to pick up a book, read an article, or do your own due diligence– Then honey, you are NOT going to bee ready (In my Kevin Hart voice). You will be overwhelming to your care provider and honestly too needy. There is nothing that stings more than a pregnant woman calling about every little thing that comes up. ESPECIALLY, if this is given/not hard to find information. That is the same behavior, that leads the some moms into the doctors office with her new baby, For👏 Every👏 Little👏 Thing👏!

Sorry, but this is NOT the ideal candidate.

2.) You are not economically prepared:

Yes, I said it! Not because I am insensitive to those in economic hardship because, I have been there done that– on both sides. It is not about money as much as it is about the valuation of service. I have learned that most won’t do the necessary work if everything is for FREE! You might be thankful, but one of my elders told me to at least get $1.00- But when a person cannot invest $1.00, barter, or pay “something,” and expecting premium care– that is financial abuse to the care provider. Another elder gave me this jewel, “People will pay for what they want and beg for what they need.” This was a total game changer for me. She added: We have to buy gas, pay car insurance, buy tires, equipment, and supplies. This can be an avoided discussion, when you are better prepared.

3.) You are NOT Keeping It 100%

I supported a woman once and I knew deep down in my intuition that I was going for a ride. But I was eager to support ANY WOMAN who said she wanted to have a homebirth. She was really adamant about having a homebirth, but when she asked me about having a midwife, this threw up a red flag for me. — NO, I AM NOT DISMISSING MIDWIVES HERE — I making an observation based on experience. If you are not secure in the idea that you can give birth, with or without support, you may need to reevaluate your ideas of homebirth. I say this because, as the birthing woman, if you are still seeking someone to have authority over your pregnant body, then you will do the same when giving birth. Either way, YOU are the one giving birth here — NOT your mother, your partner, your care provider(s), or birth team — It’s you Boo! And if you are not secure in this self-directed power, homebirth may not be the best option for you.

See, I want you to know that having a homebirth is NOT about being brave or courageous. It is a magical option for some, a spiritual option for others, and the most sacred option for most. Low and behold, it is about having ootions. This offers you the chance of becoming intune to doing what your spirit is calling you to do, and this spirit will alsways lead you to inner peace and safety, whether at home or elsewhere.

Closing Thought

My goal with this post, is not to be discouraging about homebirth, but to be “real with you.” I could offer to “SWEET Talk” you about homebirth as an option, but just because you choose it, does not mean it is for you.

As transformational as childbirth is for the mother, her mate, and the family– There is nothing anybother person can do to empower YOU (the birthing mother)… That is called inspiration. And inspiration is not enough to make a conscious decision. Real empowerment is an internal influence that comes from within ones own perception or motive. So, unless you are discipline enough to do your own research, feel the flow of your own authority, and connect with your baby and intuitively direct your care providers or birth team… You may be better off giving birth in a birth center or at the hospital of your choice.

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