10 Most Common Fears For Giving Birth

As a perinatal wellness consultant- I hear a lot of women talking about the fears they have about giving birth. Do you know the acronym for the word FEAR?

What if I told you it’s:





In this blog post will list the 6 main points of fear that I hear most often… Plus 4 BONUS points. I love talking to moms about how many of us are programmed to fear this natural, non-medical event. As a mother of three and one in the way, I am here to help women and families reprogramming the way they perceive what childbirth is and is not. So here is a short list of the most common thoughts I have heard.

  1. Being able to take the pain
  2. Tearing or an episiotomy
  3. Having a C-Section
  4. Unwanted interventions
  5. Refusing unwanted treatment
  6. Having an unhealthy baby


  1. Not making it to the hospital
  2. Dying during childbirth
  3. Baby dying at birth
  4. Having to be induced

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