Rebirthing The Dream

I was tired of spinning my wheels, basically working for free, and always hitting an invisible glass ceiling of my own earning potential and valuation…
As a mom of three young Black boys, I wanted to figure out how I could do amazing work in the birth world, with my husband, infuse our homeschool life, build a thriving brand, all without having to compromise the luxury of traveling as a family, working no more than 20 hours per week on organizational projects, and launchin stress free events– This is my vision of Queen Bee Shit!

I created this necessary, simple, elegant and streamlined business model because I got burned out by all the busy work, the fruitless meetings, the crazy overhead and marketing ploys. I had learned my lesson of trying to make my previous business model work for a totally new place in my life. I had to release my old life in order live the SWEET Life my family and I deserve.

I had to BOSS Up Honey!

It took for me to have a life altering car accident that made me wake up and smell the honey. My only mission is to serve more people with my work (and make good money doing it). In doin so- I can impact more lives on a social level, without jepardizing my own personal or professional life. I want to show my audience that I am not a martyr for the cause of optimal birth outcomes. I AM A BOSS! A CHAMPION! A QUEEN BEE!

(And My Hive is Live) 😉

Now that I am pregnant for the 5th time, with our 4th child, I can connect deeper to my audience and show other moms and even fellow birth workers how they can replicate my simple yet evolutionary concept.

Click the link below to grab a seat at my upcoming free webinar, where I will walk you step-by-step through my signature talk–

The BOSS Method

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2 thoughts on “Rebirthing The Dream

  1. I’m very excited about this work. You inspire everyday. Our work is making a difference. I love you,
    Tae Eady

    1. Thank you Sis! Your comment and motivation means the world to me. “Our work is making a difference.” I love you too!

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